Core Workout: The Perfect Guide


The core is the center of attraction for any muscular physique; it is what the opposite sex looks out for. A muscular and distinct core reveals both strength and health with everyone, both guys and girls trying so hard to have a strong and attractive one.

In this article, we will be looking into the anatomy of the core and what it is made up of as well as the easy-to-do workouts to help strengthen the core.


The core is composed of four parts which are the Rectus abdominous, oblique, intercostals and the Serratus.

Rectus abdominous

The rectus abdominous is located and covers the area from the sternum and down to the pelvis bone. It helps pull the torso to the hips.

The Oblique

The oblique is located at the side of the waist and is made up of the internal obliques, transverse and external obliques. It helps tilt and twist the torso.

The intercostals

The intercostal is located between the side of the rib cage and functions when the torso is flexed and twisted from side to side. It helps to elevate and depress the ribs.

The Serratus

The Serratus is located between the front ABS and the Lats. It helps pull the scapula forward and around.


  1. Crunches
    To start with, lie on your back with your feet flat on the ground, and the knees bent. The heels should be kept about 12 inches from the bottom putting the hands behind the head, and the elbows kept out to the sides.

    crunch workout photo

    Photo by alaina.buzas

    The ABS should be engaged to curl the head and shoulders off the ground and then the torso should be lifted towards the knees to the back is off the ground. The torso is then lowered slowly back to the ground to complete one rep. To increase the difficulty of the exercise, the arms extend over the head.

    Two or more sets of at least 10 reps with about 60 seconds of rest taken between each set should be done.

  1. Side Plank
    Start by resting on the forearms and extending the legs behind you. The left forearm should be rotated such that you are in the left side plank position and stay in that position for a moment before returning to the starting position.

    Stay in the starting position for a moment before rotating to the right forearm such that you are in the right side plank position, also stay in this position for some time before returning to the starting position again and then continue this routine for about 60 seconds.

  1. Standing Cable Rotation
    A piece of resistance tubing or cable machine is needed for this exercise. To begin, the feet should be hip-width apart and stand alongside the resistance tubing or cable machine holding the cable close to the body just under the chest.

    Move the head, chest, and torso at the same time to twitch away from the cable, maintain position for a moment before returning to the starting position. Two to three sets of not less than eight reps for each side should be done.


The core workout is a ground-laying for almost every exercise; it is used to build a good body physique and maintain a healthy life. The workout also helps with daily tasks such as sitting and standing up straight and so on. It also helps to relieve back pain.

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