Do You Know the Best Chest Workout?

chest workout

The largest muscle group in our upper body part is the pectoralis. Chest muscles are actually huge slabs that spread to the upper torso. This means that the best chest exercise is done by lifting heavy weights in certain workouts that concentrate on pectoralis, inner and outer, lower, and upper part.

Pecs push the muscles that lie close to your shoulders and arms. You should also get some workout on certain parts of the body with you work with you triceps and chest. The depth, spread, and size of your pecs is related in your workout, especially the heaviness of weights you used.

Exercise When Working on the Pecs

Bench Press

bench_pressThe bench press is the most common workout when you intend to work on your chest. You can do this workout in a lot of methods by using several weights, angles, grips, and benches.

The Olympic bar commonly used and the plates are the only commonalities in the types of bench presses.

wide gripThe basic form of bench press is the wide grip on the bar along with using a flat bench. You are exerting more pressure on your outer pecs with the wide grip. The middle and upper pecs area will be worked whether the bar is lowered to your chest or neck.

Your elbows are held at the side of the lifter when the bar is lowered to the middle chest, and your triceps go along as you move the weight. When you lower the bar to your neck, your elbows are widely splayed and your frontal deltoids go along with pecs.

To work on your upper pecs, you can do bench press using an incline board with the bar lowered to your neck. To work on your lower pecs, you can do bench press using a decline board.

Parallel Bar Dips

Chest-Dip-Parallel-BarThis workout is perfect for working on your inner and outer pecs. When your hands are at the shoulder level, the outer and inner pecs go along.

Dumbbell Exercises

dumbbell exercisesSince we are talking about weight lifting here, dumbbells are very useful when you are doing bench workouts. This is very similar with the Olympic bar weight lifts. You can also use dumbbells bench press on an incline, decline, or flat bench. These variations are perfect for stretching your pecs and ripping them.


High-Cable-Side-CrunchThis workout equipment is perfect for finishing your chest workouts such as the two-handed crunch. This exercise starts with your arms spread wide while the handles are coming closer in front of your chest having your arms bended at the elbow.


Bent-Arm-PulloverThis workout is done using a flat bench with your weights placed on the floor. You will do the supine position while you reach back to your head for barbell. Keep your arms bent while the weights are brought to your chest in circular motion.

Bent-Arm-PulloverA compound workout is done when your weights are pressed from your chest as a close grip press. The return will be back to your chest, and then the weights are lowered to the floor still in circular motion.

The best chest exercise is to start with heavy weight workouts like bench press, and then move down ladder through barbell workouts. Lastly, to finish the pecs workout, you should do move down ladder using barbell exercises.

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