The Arm workout


We will be discussing what the arm is, the three parts of the arm and their anatomy as well as the exercises needed to be carried out to get the desired results. It is important to know that the arm is made up of the forearm, the biceps, and the triceps.

The Forearm

The forearm is made up of smaller muscles which are like the arm’s calves.

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The Biceps

The biceps are double headed consisting of the biceps brachii located in the front part of the upper arm between the elbow and the shoulder and the biceps brachialis lying beneath the biceps brachii connecting the bottom half of the biceps to the forearm.

The Triceps

The triceps are three headed, located at the back portion of the upper arm between the elbow and the shoulder which helps in the extension of the elbow.


  1. Barbell curls

arm workout photoEither of the straight bar or the EZ curl bar can be used; elbows should be kept in and coming up with a count of one then lower to a count of three. Allow it to stretch for a count of one then repeat.

Four sets will be done. The first, second and third sets for 10, 8 and 6 reps respectively, and finally the drop sets where you go to failure, the weight should be lowered on the bar and go to failure again, then do this one more time.

  1. Close-grip Bench Press 

    Resting the biceps, move to the triceps. A shoulder-width grip of the bar should be taken, then the weight, lowered to a count of three and pushed back up to a count of one. You will squeeze at the top for a count of one then go again.Four sets will also be done as explained in barbell curls.

  1. Alternating Hammer CurlsHere you are back to the biceps doing the hammer curls. The dumbbells should be grabbed with the palms facing each other.


One arm should be lifted to a count of one and lowered to a count of three and the second lifted the same way immediately the first is lowered, then repeat. Here also four sets will be done.

  1. Lying Triceps Extensions 

    You move back to the triceps. Lying flat on a bench holding a bar as they do for a bench press. The bar will be lowered to a count of three bending the elbow until it is right above the forehead and then returned to a count of one to the starting point.Squeeze at the top for a count of one and go again. Four sets should be done.

  1. Lying Cable Curls 

    A straight bar attachment should be taken and hooked to a lower pulley of a cable. The bar should be grabbed while lying back in front of the station holding the bar in your hand and your arm stretched.The bar should be curled up to a count of one and squeezed at the top to a count of one and then lowered back down to the start to a count of three and finally hold at the bottom for a count of one and go again. Here two sets of 20 reps will be done with a minute rest in between.


Conclusively nutrition should be prioritized even before considering or thinking of the workout itself. Failure to supply the muscles with the needed supplements ultimately leads to the failure to get the expected results of bigger and stronger arm muscles.

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