Tips About Bodybuilding Diet

 Vince Gironda

Vince Gironda

According to Vince Gironda, one of the best bodybuilding trainers of all time, that bodybuilding is composed of 80% diet.

Vince became known as The Iron Guru, and he was the one who helped Arnold Schwartzenegger to build muscles in a small amount of time.

Vince was convinced that a bodybuilding diet was the key to muscle-building success, and he was fundamental in convincing other people of this principle in his multi-decade career as a trainer of champions.

Vince believed that a diet for bodybuilding should be rich in protein and natural carbohydrates from fruits, vegetables, oils, fats, and nuts. Bodybuilders should also take supplements to help muscles generate more tissues and reduce subcutaneous fat in the body.

Bernard Beverley, a well-known biologist, claimed that human tissue is completely biological. This implies that bodybuilders should eat foods that are high in biological content because this is important in building muscle tissues. Many people confuse this term by eating foods that are high in protein. However, this is not the case because not all proteins are equal. What biological content means is that foods that contain protein that has a similar structure of a human tissue.

You might be amazed, but the food that contains high biological content is egg! Other foods include fish, poultry, lamb, steak, sweetbreads, kidneys, liver, heart, organ meats, and raw mil. Vegetables like beans, legumes and other vegetables are also good sources of protein. It is very essential to include these vegetables to your diet.

Soy beans are popular because they are high in protein, but they are only 22% biological. This means that you need to consume high volumes of soy to compensate the amino acid content of the proteins listed previously. For those who are entering a contest, Vince suggests not to consume anabolic steroids but 3 dozens of eggs every day!

The main purpose of this is that it provides the muscles with high volume of biological protein so that they can have high levels of strength and quickly heal them. After 6 to 8 weeks, reduce the egg consumption by one or two daily.

fresh vegetablesThere are other bodybuilding diets that focus on fresh vegetables and red meat or fish and dairy products. These diets have their own goal, which is providing the body with protein to rebuild and replace the torn down muscle tissues after a heavy workout. These diet programs are not for long term. There are supplements that Vince recommended, and they are wheat germ oil, betain, methionine, choline, inositol, lipotropic amino acid, desiccated liver, and kelp tablets. Another diet program made by Vince was for a preparation contest where he put his students in a bodybuilding diet cycle to eliminate subcutaneous fat.

The diet consisted of 4 days without carbohydrates, and on the fifth day, they will eat normally. On the next four days, they will eat no carbohydrates again, and they will eat normally on the tenth day. His students kept this for eight weeks until vein popped out and muscle separation started to appear.

To summarize, the perfect diet for bodybuilding should concentrate on good carbohydrates, fats, protein, and fiber. The percentage for each should be 40% natural carbs (no refined sugars or starches), 24% protein, and a good balance between fiber and fat.

Just before competition diets, and cycling of zero carbs for four days and the fifth day free, should be followed for no more than eight weeks. Appropriate supplements should be taken.

Before entering a competition, you should apply the diet that Vince made, which is no carbohydrates in four days, then on the fifth day you eat normally. Also, you should take supplements.