Tips on Building Muscles in Women

woman bodybuilderThe tutorial in this article is similar to men, but having a different approach.  One sport that you really have to put a lot of effort and time is bodybuilding contest. You may be wondering how bodybuilding became a sport. Well the sport aspect of bodybuilding is the intense training for both men and women.

It requires a lot of effort to build muscles, especially for a bodybuilding contest. To make the body perfect is the goal of bodybuilding men and women. The main difference is the approach because the anatomy and metabolism of men is completely different from women.

The woman body is incapable massive muscles without chemical aid. The workouts and diet for male bodybuilders give different outcomes to women.

When building muscles for women, they still have to follow a high protein diet, take supplements, and lift weights. The woman body responds with defined musculature and great conditioning. However, women do not have muscle structures like men.

food for dietThere are several phases when building muscles for women. In the first day, a smooth and shapely figure was the objective. Then it comes to massive body building inspired by using anabolic steroids that can develop male hormones. There are some bodybuilders who are female that look like men.

As of now, the focus is to make women bodybuilders look more natural. They have to do many workouts for resistance to achieve muscularity and definition, but still maintaining their feminine look. If you have seen Terminator 2, the ideal female body figure is Linda Hamilton.

Building muscles for women starts with resistance training and weight training. All muscle group of the body is exercised to complete the exhaustion, and this should be done at least one weekly. On the other hand, a woman body is completely different and it requires different workouts.

There should be more emphasis on the hip flexors and inner and outer thighs. Thigh biceps curls and squats work the hamstrings and quadriceps, and calf raises works the lower body part.

shoulder-pressFor working the upper body, women should machine presses, barbells, arm work, shoulder presses, and machine flies.

The arms will be pumped with dumbbell curls and dumbbells, French presses and triceps press downs on the bench. For the advanced female bodybuilders, they lift heavier weights in their workouts.

When building muscles for women, the complimentary side if the nutrition. Their diet should be around 25% from protein, 40% from carbohydrates, and the remaining should be a balance between fiber and fats to repair damaged muscle tissues from intense workouts.

Women bodybuilders should also take dietary supplements like protein shake and amino acids to aid fat burning and metabolism. The best source of usable protein is consuming many eggs.

Wheat germ oil is soluble and should be consumed for endurance and energy, desiccated liver tablets and kelp to get a boost in protein.

The final stage of bodybuilding in women is the competition. Because women bodies are different than men, for most part, they are also shown differently. While women copy some poses of men such as flexing the back, shoulders, and arms, women poses are generally graceful and aimed to display the perfect female body figure.

In general, building muscles for women is similar to men but with different approach because the anatomy is different. However, the results are very similar.